KWIK-STIK™ Plus microorganisms are designed to meet the needs of laboratories requiring QC microorganisms
Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of biochemical identification kits to clinical microbiologists, providing reliable results
We offer the histotechnologist a broad range of quality products to do his work. Solvents, fixatives or embedding media
The only product in the market that includes a report detailing the Phenotypic, Genotypic & Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis Subtyping
The Remel range of reliable, ready-to-use, Agglutinating Sera for the presumptive identification of cultured bacteria
The first Karl Fischer reagents that were developed contained pyridine, which was supposed to be essential for the reaction
These reference cultures are used throughout Research, Development and Educational industries
Media fill trials are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacture of parenteral drug products
Oxoid and Remel, world leading microbiology brands, have introduced a complete portfolio of culture media