About Us
Musaji Adam & Sons is a family owned business, founded in 1950 by the forefathers of our current CEO for Import and Export business. In 1960 they made a conscious decision to contribute to nation's growth history by serving the growing scientific community exclusively. They began imports and marketing of Laboratory Glassware, Chemicals and Filter Papers which are still considered the essentials for all kind of laboratories. We have this honor to be one of founding scientific companies of Pakistan and today the company enters its fourth generation and serving country wide - Alhamdulillah !
Being a versatile industry, the scientific industry has and will always have new products to be developed to fit to new research and development. In this versatile industry we aim to keep abreast with these changes to provide science-based, highest quality and best value products according to the financial and scientific needs of our customers.
From beakers and pipettes to general laboratory equipments, we offer a wide selection of products that inculdes fine chemicals for routine analysis to high purity research grade for chemical and research laboratories - culture media, antibiotic succeptability testing discs, diagnostic kits & reagents, anaerobic systems and rapid food testing kits for microbiology laboratories and glassware, plasticware, consumables and general lab equipments for all types of laboratories.

In addition with above products, we also offers the novel science-based products to assist the scientists in their research work by providing rapidly developing products and technologies in the Life Sciences industry for Genomics, Proteomics, Stem Cell research, Cell Culture and Bioprocessing, QC and allied products for Cord Blood Banks applications of some of industry leading brands.

Geographical Coverage
Our corporate head office is located in the financial capital of the country i.e. Karachi and regional branch offices in Lahore, Rawalpindi/ Islamabad and Peshawar - rest cities are covered by nearest branch offices, shortly we are openning branch offices in other important cities.