Aquagent - Pyridine-free volumetric Karl Fischer reagents

The first Karl Fischer reagents that were developed contained pyridine, which was supposed to be essential for the reaction. In the original K-F reaction, iodine reacts with SO2 in presence of water, methanol and pyridine. Further experiments demonstrated that pyridine just acted as a buffer substance and could be substituted by other basic compounds, if possible, with less toxicity.

Why should you switch to Aquagent®?

The first reason to change from the classical KF reagents to Aquagent seems to be to avoid the use of pyridine because of its toxicity. Nevertheless, there are other practical advantages that are very important to decide to change to Aquagent.

• Non toxic
• Stable titration end-points
• Fast titration
• Doesn’t contain pyridine

• Increases safety
• Accurate and reliable results
• Saves time
• No unpleasant odour

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