How to receive and store primary cells by Thermofisher

This video shows how to successfully receive and store new vials of Gibco® primary cells, and will help you get the most from every vial of primary cells.Learn more .

Manual Methods vs. Microbiologies Quantitative Controls

What is the easiest way to create quantative microorganism suspension? prepare them manually or use microbiologics quantative microorganisms.

siRNA Transfection Protocol by Thermofisher Scientific

How to perform siRNA transfection with Lipofectamine® RNAiMAX protocol. Superior siRNA/miRNA delivery. Learn more

Microbiologics Growth Promotion Testing in Parallel from Microbiologics, Inc. on Vimeo.

Demonstrates how use Microbiologics® QC microorganism preparations to perform the Growth Promotion Test using Parallel Testing.

KWIK-STIK™ Instructional Video from Microbiologics, Inc. on Vimeo.

Demonstrates how to use the KWIK-STIK™ QC microorganism device from Microbiologics®.

Top 10 Growth Promotion Test (GPT) Tips from Microbiologics, Inc. on Vimeo.

Features Microbiologics Technical Support Specialist, Laurie Kundrat, giving her top 10 tips for achieving Growth Promotion success.